fussy eater turned foodie

Why the Fussy Feeder?

Growing up I was a ‘difficult’ child when it came to food, hence the fussy aspect; I flat out refused to eat any fruit, most vegetables, eggs, most cheeses, salad, nuts, seeds, fish (apart from that of the finger variety), most meats apart from chicken and mince (I have had numerous shocked faces when I tell people that I tried bacon for the first time at aged 20!) and the list goes on and on….. Basically, I would pull my face at the majority of things put in front of me. I was appeased by my loving grandparents who allowed me to have biscuits for breakfast and sugary crepes for lunch in the fear that I would somehow starve otherwise. Luckily, my father cooked me a nutritious, delicious and hearty dinner every night (that fit my fussy requirements of course) and this is where I gained my love for cooking.

When I moved away to university I had the stark realisation that I needed to fend for myself but unfortunately, in my first year I started to live off pizza, packet pasta and chocolate (naughty!). The only things I cooked included refined carbs on carbs (yes I would legitimately eat mash with chips and rice… oops!). Over this year long period I started to cook proper meals from scratch, many of which inspired by childhood classics and started to feed my housemates too. Therefore, I could be known as somewhat of a feeder, hence how I came to decide upon this name. <3 xx