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Gluten Free Breakfast Waffles

Gluten Free Breakfast Waffles

Lately I have been adopting a low fod map elimination diet to try and see what exactly is making my stomach swell to looking 6 months pregnant everyday … (no.. I’m definitely not pregnant).. anyway, I had to get creative to ensure this elimation diet […]

Healthier Victoria Sponge

Healthier Victoria Sponge

Two things that most people should know about me – I have the sweetest tooth and I love to bake. This is usually a disastrous combination when trying to cut out refined sugars and other nasties from your diet. If I ever ran out of […]

Salmon, Vegetable and Couscous Medley

Salmon, Vegetable and Couscous Medley

This year I was lucky enough to go and visit my best friend in Rio, whilst he was travelling the world! Typical Brazilian food consists of lots of fatty coxhinas, empanadas and fejoida which are all very heavy and filling. I was living off daily […]

Even Healthier Vegan Banana Bread

So it seems my last recipe was rather popular and as delicious as it was I thought I would try to amend it to make it even healthier and vegan! Surprisingly, it worked perfectly! The texture was slightly denser but even more moist than before […]

Healthy Pecan Banana Bread

mmmmm banana bread… Ok so I used to HATE bananas and everything banana flavoured (I would have a tantrum if the doctor dared to give me the banana call ok rather than strawberry…) but since developing my new eating habits I have actually learned to […]

Cacao and ginger raw cheesecake

I must admit I have a sweet tooth… Chocolate, cake, biscuits etc are all my weaknesses but I find typical ones taste too fatty and sweet now and cause me to over eat and feel guilty. I was inspired by the wild food cafe in Neal […]

Sweet Potato and Carrot Fritters with Healthy Fats

Does eating fat make you fat?? This is one question that has been deliberated on for years… People used to be scared of fats thinking they would hinder their weight loss but research shows that ‘low-fat’ products are often much higher in sugar and are […]

Healthy Pancakes

This was one of the first recipes I learnt and I have been adapting it constantly to satisfy my sweet cravings at breakfast time whilst remaining healthy, gluten free and relatively fat free. As you can see above I make these quite a lot! They […]