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El Capo

El Capo

El Capo is a Mexican restaurant and bar that has become a staple part of Tariff Street in Manchester’s infamous Northern Quarter. Albeit, the bar at weekends is one of the places to be but what is even better than the prospect of a busy tequila […]

Picky Party Pâté Platter

Picky Party Pâté Platter

Contrary to my fussier days when I would not eat anything, I now am the sort of person who loves to pick at absolutely everything. Why eat one type of food when you can eat ten?! This style of eating always works great when entertaining […]

Butternut Squash Spaghetti

I love pasta but since I started eating healthier I demonised it due to its carbohydrate status. However, I have found that wholewheat versions bulked out with vegetables can actually be good for you! It’s all about balance! This was inspired by deliciously Ella’s butternut […]

Creamy Vegetarian Courgetti

Since my post holiday weight gain I’ve been getting creative with vegetables so I can add as many into one meal as possible, one of my new favourite quick and easy dinners includes courgette, carrot, mushroom, onion and can have peppers added in for a […]

Easy as ABC salad

Ok so that’s me trying to be a little bit funny… Don’t worry I won’t quit my day job 😉 anyway… ABC stands for avocado, bacon and cheese – such a simple, tasty and delicious salad that can be enjoyed with warm or cold bacon […]

Black bean 'shakshuka'

Shakshuka is a tasty tomato based, baked egg dish. My newest take on the dish involved adding black beans for added protein and cheddar cheese instead of feta; giving it a slightly Mexican twist. This is an extremely tasty dish for breakfast or lunch especially […]