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Broccoli Hummus Quinoa Bowl

Broccoli Hummus Quinoa Bowl

A lower carbohydrate spin on a typical vegan quinoa bowl. Palatable cumin scented broccoli and tasty homemade hummus makes this dish so incredible.

Easy as ABC salad

Ok so that’s me trying to be a little bit funny… Don’t worry I won’t quit my day job 😉 anyway… ABC stands for avocado, bacon and cheese – such a simple, tasty and delicious salad that can be enjoyed with warm or cold bacon […]

Roast Vegetable Tagine

This dish is inspired by a few different recipes I’ve followed in the past, it’s a quick easy vegetarian dinner that’s jam packed with healthy veggies and flavour.

Chicken noodle soup

One thing I hate is food waste… So I try and find recipes that use up everything that gets left over.. A great recipe for this is chicken soup – simple, quick, easy and delicious…

Cacao and ginger raw cheesecake

I must admit I have a sweet tooth… Chocolate, cake, biscuits etc are all my weaknesses but I find typical ones taste too fatty and sweet now and cause me to over eat and feel guilty. I was inspired by the wild food cafe in Neal […]

So I have finally started a blog! …

Hi guys! So I finally did it… I started a blog!! I have been passionate about creating this page to share my recipes and health advice since nearly a year ago when I started my food Instagram and after such an overwhelmingly and surprisingly high […]