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About Me

About Me

The Basics

I am a 24 year old food, fitness and travel fanatic currently travelling the world.

{Contact me for all enquiries at- faye_bradley19@hotmail.co.uk}

about me

Where it started….

Time to be blunt – So I gained quite a bit of  extra weight by the end of my first year of university, I had never been the skinniest but I could be described as what people would call ‘skinny fat’- relatively slim but unhealthy and unfit. In my second year I discovered Madeleine Shaw, then DeliciouslyElla and started to educate myself on nutrition and the power of a good diet.  As a fussy eater, I truly believed that I did not like any of the food that I refused to eat (often committing the cardinal sin of dismissing it even before trying it), just an off-putting name or strange texture would leave me reluctant to even attempt to eat it. I slowly started to incorporate different vegetables, meats, etc. into my meals and cooked them in different ways to train myself to enjoy firstly; the taste and then the texture. (confession- I used to have to cook strawberries before I would eat them and I never even comprehended that it was possible for me to eat and even enjoy raw salads and bananas). By third year I started an Instagram (formally faye_food_fitness now thefussyfeeder) posting my daily meals to keep me on track and this helped to inspire me to become even more creative with what I made, I started developing my own ideas and recipes and needed somewhere I could share them. I did not expect to gain as high of a following as I now have as it is just a hobby of mine but I always wanted to develop a blog to encourage myself to write down everything I make in order to hopefully inspire other people. I genuinely believed that I would never eat the things I do now and I am currently willing and able to try everything offered to me.

My Food Philosophy

I believe that food is fuel and what we eat powers our body, eating lots of foods high in processed and refined sugars, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and additives is the equivalent of putting petrol in a diesel car, you wouldn’t do it with your car so why do it with your body.


I have gone through phases of weight loss, weight gain, calorie counting, iifym calculating, binge eating and making myself feel guilty for over eating. I was so strict with myself when calorie counting that when I gave myself a day off I would eat everything in sight and this is not the healthiest attitude to have towards food. I now do not deprive myself but instead view healthier foods as treats and try and find healthier alternatives to what I love.

But is diet enough?

In line with my passion for food I also gained a love for fitness and exercise, especially yoga. I believe that you do not need to obsessively exercise in order to be healthy but its essential for a healthy body and mind.


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