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Eat Pray Love – a cliche or just my reality?

Eat Pray Love – Life is unexpected. The greatest joys in life come from the times that we do not plan, when we just relax and let stuff happen, we leave ourselves open to the best experiences. I could not have predicted the way my life was going to go or that I would be sat in a coffee shop in Bali writing this blog post right now.

6 months ago, I quit my job, left my family and friends, disbanded from my comfort zone and flew to the other side of the world, in a mission to find both myself and true happiness.

Whilst on an annoyingly long night bus one day, I decided to watch eat pray love for some light entertainment to distract from the beeping horns and the generally not so great experience. It seemed so cliche – of course the woman travels all that way and finds love at the end of it, of course she has all of these great experiences that just came to her. I thought to myself that this could not be real life. However, in a roundabout way, I had the same kind of experiences.

Lets start with Eat; this one is easy and pretty darn obvious. I am a food blogger so of course I ate and ate and ate. Everyday, every country, every meal I had the opportunity to try something new. The first few months were tough, I tried to eat in the constraints of my food allergies, this was restrictive and tough. However, it led to me finding different things and places I had never tried before, resulting in me experiencing some amazing food. What is more, is I HAD to tackle my disordered body image. I could not weigh myself everyday and I had to come to terms with that. I learnt to see food as more than just calories and nutrients again and after 6 months I have gained a mere few pounds, the world did not implode and I still look pretty great in a bikini. I am no bikini model but I love cake to much for that life…



What about pray? Did I suddenly find religion and a higher level of spirituality? Did I find a newer sense of God in one of the many temples I visited? No, not exactly. For me, the spirituality and connection to the world came from yoga. I spent 3 weeks doing yoga everyday with a great teacher who also helped me through raike and meditation. I found both pleasure and calmness in this experience. I also gained friends and made great relationships. It helped me to discover more about myself and find a sense of inner peace in a place like Cambodia which was so foreign to me.



Finally, the one you are probably wondering the most about… love. Who?! What?! When?! Where?! How?! Like I said at the beginning, sometimes the best things are those that are unexpected. I was not looking for a relationship, nor any kind of love. Even more, the person I found it with and the place I found it are even more unexpected. I believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe in fate. When I was first here I met a musician who added me on Facebook in error. Fast forward a few months and I came to Ubud to meet someone I thought was a friend, as that turned sour (Read more), I left to a new home stay and crossed paths with the aforementioned musician. Nothing was said but that night I spotted him again. The next day I shot over a message saying hi and he invited me for coffee. We met and instantly got on, as friend only. Neither of us had a desire for more and it was nice to enjoy someones company. After, he took me on the most beautiful walk and we spent hours in a coffee shop until I had to leave to meet friends for dinner. That night we spent even more time together. The rest was history, within days I was living at his place and I was filled with happiness.


sunset love


Was this forever? What about my move to Australia? Tell us more you may be thinking….. Okay…. So I do not know what the future will hold, this could be something in the future or we could just be making an amazing story. The point is, we do not always know what will happen. We can try and control every aspect of our lives but this does not always bring us the greatest joys. We could miss out on the most amazing experience and the greatest happiness in life. Sometimes instead of fighting them we just need to get on that metaphorical surfboard and ride the waves.




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  • This was such a wonderful read! I love when we get a little magic sprinkled into our life and I loved reading about your recent magic. Enjoy it to the max!

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