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Gluten Free Breakfast Waffles

Lately I have been adopting a low fod map elimination diet to try and see what exactly is making my stomach swell to looking 6 months pregnant everyday … (no.. I’m definitely not pregnant).. anyway, I had to get creative to ensure this elimation diet was not boring so I edited my salted caramel waffle recipe (here). Resulting in this delicious, gluten free breakfast waffles recipe that becomes a blank canvas for endless toppings…

 Gluten free breakfast waffles


50g brown rice flour
3g gluten free baking powder
5g sugar
1 large egg
100ml almond milk
vanilla extract



Heat the waffle maker,
add the flour, baking powder and sugar into a dish,
break in the egg and whisk to a paste,
slowly add the almond milk and keep whisking until you get a smooth mixture,
add the vanilla and stir,
add to the waffle maker and cook until machine tells you it is ready,

serve with endless combinations of delicious toppings …


learn more about the lowfodmap diet here <3xx

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