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Sunday Roast at The Botanist

The Botanist is part of the new world trading company and has popped up over the years in numerous locations around the UK. All of which are incredibly quaint and tastefully decorated. All locations reflect a beautiful garden inspired decor with botanical cocktails, craft beers and ales, deli and rotisserie inspired cuisine, alongside the traditional Sunday Roast. They even tend to be equipped with live music and numerous smiley faces.




I have visited a few botanist locations, all of which have been uniquely decorated to fit the uniform botanical concept. The Knutsford branch was no different.



Bar Area


According to the Botanist, Sunday is the day of roast. So whilst I had been invited down to the cute Knutsford restaurant, I knew I had to partake in the tradition and order a roast with all the trimmings. As we were seated, we were told that due to demand that day, they may had ran out of the chicken. To my delight, they had a few left so i selfishly ordered mine straight away, whilst my friend opted for the vegetarian offering.

The roast was pleasant, my companion commented that “you cant really go wrong with a roast” but i disagreed. This was better than the fare a lot of places have offered, my plate came pilled high with well cooked vegetables, a huge half a chicken and a giant Yorkshire pudding plonked on top. The Yorkie could have been slightly more cooked and the gravy could have been slightly more flavoursome but that is just fussy me nit picking slightly. We also ordered some mashed potato with spring onion and cauliflower cheese. These sides were lacking in size but the ginormous offering that the roast dinner provided was more than enough to fill us (and take a doggy bag for lunch the next day).


Roast Dinner



The roast was pleasant; my friends vegetarian offering was also quite nice and I think she appreciated that it was not ladled with pastry or cheese for once. They also got bonus points for giving me me extra gravy and serving the food on the most beautiful plates. Serious plate envy here.


Roast Dinner


Alongside our food we decided to sample some of the so-called botanical cocktails and mocktails. My bright pinky red, non-alcoholic raspberry, grape and elder flower cooler was very enjoyable to drink, whilst my friends velvet green lived up to its name and tinged with a bright green hue. She also claimed it to be equally as tasty as mine.




I eat out a lot and I am conscious of my health and size as you know but it was Sunday, I had eaten a few portions of vegetables and the warm cookie dough dessert sounded far too delicious to pass up on. Now this was right up my street. My friend found it slightly underdone but for me it was perfect. Soft, warm, flavoursome cookie dough with melting salted caramel on top. Worth the extra gym session on a Monday morning…


Cookie Dough


One highlight for me was the vibe inside. The service was friendly and attentive without being pushy or needy. There were enough customers to give a good atmosphere without feeling crowded or too loud. So we decided to stay there a bit longer and have some tea and coffee to end the meal. These were served in the cutest tea set, like, seriously, my crockery envy has been taken to a whole new level now… Anyway, we spent a good few hours of our Sunday here and felt relaxed and well fed for it.


Tea Party


Overall, the food was pleasant, although I would not tell you to drop everything and rush out of your way especially to try it, I would recommend giving it a go if you are after a Sunday roast with friends or family and want a great atmosphere, with consistent food and pleasant service. As there are locations around the UK, you really have no excuse!





Food- 7/10 (cookie dough brought this score up for me)

Atmosphere- 8/10

Choice- 7/10 (you do not have to have Sunday roast menu)

Service- 8.5/10

Website – http://thebotanist.uk.com/locations/knutsford

Location – 41A King St, Knutsford WA16 6DW


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