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How to Make the Perfect Matcha Latte

The Japanese have known about the potential benefits of green tea powder for years but all of a sudden this seems to be another foodie health trend that has spread globally. Most people are aware that drinking brewed green tea has numerous health benefits but by drinking the whole powdered matcha leaves, in matcha latte form, it allows you to reap more of the benefits (including enhanced weight loss, increased metabolism, ingesting extra antioxidants and nutrients).


Luckily for people who just can’t quite seem to like coffee, like myself, more and more coffee shops are now offering delicious matcha lattes, however, it becomes apparent that these are not always the healthiest options. One reason being that Starbucks green tea latte is mainly sugar… Therefore, making them yourselves would by far be the healthiest option. All you need is a few ingredients and either a traditional bamboo whisk, if you want to be old school but otherwise you could use a little electric drink frothing one, that you can pick up at most kitchen stores.




3g or 4g (small scoop) Pure Matcha Powder*

sugar or sweetener to taste (I used stevia or vanilla flavour drops)

250ml Milk of choice (cow, almond, soy, oat etc)



Mix the matcha powder and sweetener in your mug of choice and add an inch of warm water and whisk until a nice smooth mixture forms

Heat the milk gently over a low heat in a saucepan and whisk as it heats,

Add the milk to the matcha mixture and sprinkle with a tiny bit more powder on top,



{Top Tip – if you want an iced matcha instead of warm matcha latte, simply complete the same process but do not heat the milk and add ice to the finished drink <3 xx}



*Matcha is expensive, like anything you get what you pay for but do not feel pressured to buy the most expensive product. I am currently using one from www.bulkpowders.co.uk but if you have the money then www.teapigs.co.uk product would be of better standards

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