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Shoryu Ramen Bottomless Brunch

Has anyone ever attempted one of those (wo)man vs food challenges? I have never exactly signed up for one and well, when I first heard about Shoryu Ramens bottomless brunch (£38pp), I did not anticipate that it would be such a comprehensive food challenge!


Bottomless Brunch


We were greeted with a friendly welcome and a special menu for which to pick our starters, ramen and ice cream from. We were also offered a drink straight away, since giving up alcohol (for now), I decided to go for the green tea (to which I ended up having 4 pots of this amazing stuff!). Whilst my cousin went for a prosecco (which was free following for the full hour and a half might I add).


Immediately after taking our order, we were brought a huge bowl of each of edamame beans.




Next up; the buns! There were only two options – pork and halloumi so we decided to take both and share. They were both really tasty, the bun was soft and the dressing was delicious.


Halloumi Bun


We were then able to pick 4 starters each, you might think this sounds like a lot of food… it was! We had pretty much one of everything (and picked two things twice). We couldn’t believe it when we saw how much was brought over! The deep fried octopus balls were my favourite alongside the seaweed salad which was divine and the prawns were pleasant to.


Octopus Balls


After trying to eat as much as we could, we decided to leave some room for the UNLIMITED ramen. They brought it in smaller bowls than unusual to avoid waste (love this idea!) but allow you to either have them refilled with the same flavour or try one of every flavour available! That is, if you have an iron stomach. We were full after the one bowl but went onto try some other flavours whilst we had the opportunity to.


Curry Ramen


I tried the chicken curry ramen first which I loved! The fried chicken remained crunchy and did not become soggy with the broth and the flavour was completely up my street. The next one I tried was the tofu ramen. To be honest, the tofu was a bit lack lustre and needed to be fried first maybe.




We then finished with matcha and chocolate sesame ice cream – both of which were delicious and a nice light dessert (so light, we had another bowl each!)




Overall, I would recommend the bottomless brunch at Shoryu Ramen, especially for a special occasion with a group of friends or if you want to impress your date with so much food and drink without breaking the bank…

Calling this brunch in my opinion is slightly misleading as this can be eaten at any time of the day! So whilst £38 may seem steep for a ‘brunch’; considering how much food and drink you receive, it is actually fantastic value. This doubled up as both as satisfying lunch and kept me full right until dinner.

Final thought; personally, I was not overly convinced on the vegetarian options but at least they provide some and the meat options were fab for me!


See more and book here – https://www.shoryuramen.com/bookings/81-bottomless-ramen-brunch


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