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Alberts Schloss

A Schloss (according to their website) is A Bavarian palace, country pile or chateau…fit for debauchery. Expect roaring fires, taxidermy, tankers, schnapps and spanking… and lots of wood. It’s Fantastiche…YAH! Well, Alberts Schloss definitely hit the mark with this one! They managed to emulate a beautiful Bavarian palace on a busy street in Manchester. Most people would frequent Alberts Schloss for an evening tipple and would experience the fantastic entertainment and interesting, charismatic performers and live music. Unbeknown to some of the nighttime dwellers, they serve an incredible breakfast/brunch and encompass a fantastic Bakery that serves interesting and unique creations such as cronuts alongside the usual suspects.




I was able to visit Alberts Schloss on a beautiful Saturday morning in Manchester and was immediately greeted with their beautiful entrance, adorned with hundreds of flowers. Now, I already knew that Albert Schloss had hit a high note with their aesthetics but it really showed how beautiful it really is in the daylight. Wooden benches for communal dinning, booths for intimacy and a fire pit right in the centre! The bakery delights were on show in the middle of the restaurant and we were pleasantly surprised to hear a lovely acoustic band playing, which is not common at 10am at most places!




They have recently updated their menu to add some new creations so we decided to try the crayfish eggs benedict, roast peaches and the caramelised banana french toast, alongside a lemon meringue cronut and freshly squeezed orange juice.


Brunch Choices


So we started with the savoury, the cray fish eggs benedict (£10). I admit, my friend and I were sceptical at first but the crayfish accompanied the classic eggs benedict flawlessly and made for a more interesting take on the classic. As a side note, as we were tucking in we noticed the royal breakfast being served to another diner, for any meat loving traditional English breakfast fan I would recommend giving this hearty German one a go, I did not have the chance to taste it but the person eating it looked very satisfied with their choice.


Crayfish Benedict


Anyway, back to what I actually ate! The roast peaches were accompanied by quark yoghurt, sour cherry, pistachio granola, honey, lime. This made for a really nice sweet option without being too heavy or sickly. However, for the portion size and compared to the other options I found it slightly overpriced!


Roast Peaches


Finally, we tucked into the brioche french toast. Adorned with heaps of caramelised banana, pecans, ice cream and syrup. This was intensely sweet but incredible at the same time. I felt sorry for my waistline with every bite whilst feeling warm and fuzzy inside like a kid at a candy shop. Plus, we all need to treat ourselves to something decadent sometimes! I would recommend having this to share as its quite heavy as a singular meal unless you really do have a sweet tooth!


French Toast


About the cronut you ask? Well, we were so full, they were lovely enough to let us take this to go to try later and that we did! It was rather unusual to say the least, the lemon flavour was strong but not over powering and it was very messy to eat. Part of me wished it was simply a donut, the other part of me felt excited to by trying a hybrid creation. I would advise giving them a try to see what you think!




Overall, I would recommend giving Alberts Schloss a try for breakfast. The interior is beautiful, the music was exceptional and the food was satisfactory. Throughout July and August they are offering 50% off food if you say ‘guten morgen’ on arrival – Bargain!




Of course no trip to albert schloss is complete without a visit to the photobooth!



Food- 6.5/10

Atmosphere- 9/10

Choice- 7/10

Service- 9/10

Website – http://albertsschloss.co.uk/

Location – 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

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