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Most people who inhabit or frequent Manchester would have walked down Peters street, the long street adjoining Deansgate and St Peters Square and lined with beautiful bars and restaurants. However, most would have simply walked past the obscure looking glass building, adjacent to Sakana and the widely popular terrace in front of the Great Northern. Luckily for us, CEO of Tokyo Industries and the creator of Impossible, Aaron Mellor saw the potential this site had and turned it into something beautiful and worthwhile. Impossible Manchester encompasses a diverse food menu alongside a vast and comprehensive menu of 63 gins!





On a fluke sunny day in Manchester I was invited to sample some of the menu and my friend chose to start working her way through the gin menu… The first thing we saw upon entering was their “we love gin more than Kanye loves Kanye”… and I thought ‘this is my sort of place’. Although the interior was almost too beautiful to resist, we knew that we had to capitalise on the rare blazing sun and make use of Impossible’s delectable outdoor terrace; which looks out onto the great Northern, giving a slight communal yet private feel away from the busy Peters street.



What really stood out for me was the service, as soon as we sat down we were offered extensive and genuinely knowledgeable guidance with both the food and drinks menus. Being the designated driver I requested a fruit, lychee, elderflower sweet style mocktail (which is not the best guidance I admit), however, they delivered! Both my mocktails were exactly to my taste and likewise, the extensive knowledge that accompanied the gin recommendations matched my friends preferences.



Then onto the food, one of the draws of the menu is the unusual additions, offering Kangaroo tacos  (above), crocodile burgers and salt and pepper crickets alongside the usual suspects. I knew I had to try at least one of them so eased myself in with the Kangaroo Taco’s. Sceptical at first, I felt bad about eating skippy until I found out that they were fairly sourced as they actually cull Kangaroos in Oz! The Kangaroo mince looked like beef but was a million times more tender, leaner and tastier! I would recommend. They also had a tofu option which my friend chose and she was very impressed by the firmness of the tofu.



For my main, there were too many options I could enjoy but I was torn between the moules frites and the half roast chicken. The server convinced me to give the mussels a go and I definitely did not regret it! They came in a beautiful, ginormous dish served with fries and aioli. The mussels were fresh, the sauce was incredible and reminded me of the ones I had fresh out of the sea at a market in Oslo. My vegetarian friend, pleased with the fact they had 4 vegetarian options, decided on the mac and cheese. Although it was very tasty, there was a quite strong cheese that made it slightly hard to finish it all.



Overall, we were both pleasantly impressed. The location means there is very strong competition nearby but I think this place will be able to hold its own! The food is not michelin star quality, nor do I expect that but it beats a lot of places with similar menus in Manchester, hands down. I was more than happy with my reasonably priced, hearty and delicious bowl of Mussels and the drinks were the real gem. I have to return to try the other unusual menu creations; maybe even the crocodile burger if I am feeling brave! more importantly, we will have to return as we have 61 gins left to try!


Massive Mussels



Food- 8/10

Atmosphere- 8/10

Choice- 8/10

Service- 9.5/10

Website – http://be-impossible.com/

Location – Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

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