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Calsway Snacks Review

Wait… Calswhat?

Calsway Snacks are a company that aim to help busy and active people to coordinate precise daily calories intake, in a convenient way. To do this they have brought out a line of snacks that enable people to ‘eat right’ and recently, I was lucky enough to receive a big box of these to try. Anyone who knows me or has read my posts, knows that I am a snacking fiend with a delectably sweet tooth, that is not always easy to satisfy with snacks marketed as ‘healthy’. However, Calsway snacks managed to satisfy this, without making me ravenous for a binge and the well portioned packets informed me of how many calories I had consumed, so I did not have to feel guilty for snacking. Most packages are labelled as 100, 150 or 200 calories so you can enjoy a treat without derailing your diet progress. You can use the website to select which snack you prefer from calorie count or diet choice, such as vegan or paleo or even what nutritional benefit you are looking for. Which makes it a lot easier than having to search through each product to find this out!

Kids Lunch Box Rescue

The box of goodies I received is known on their website as the kids lunch box rescue 12-box. This included beetroot and apple crisps, their fruity rock n roll balls, mixed berries and berry strips. I thought it would only be right to try these with my work friends and see what we honestly thought (FYI these were none food bloggers who also like to eat healthier with a crazy sweet tooth).

‘Grandpa’s’ Apple and Cocoa Crips

Ok… so I really expected this combination not to work, when I think of crisps I think savoury not sweet and when I opened the packet I was still unsure. However, as soon as I tasted one I was converted. My friend was also sceptical but ended up enjoying them as much as I did! I couldn’t eat a whole packet at once but they are great to grab a couple as a quick pick me up in between meals.

IMGGrandpa's' Apple and Cocoa Crips

‘Nana’s’ Beetroot Crisps

Next up were the betroot crisps and for full disclosure I will be honest and say that beetroot is not my favourite flavour. However, these crisps were not too overwhelming and made for a nice snack. I preferred the apple ones but surprisingly my friend who was not looking forward to trying these absolutely loved them!

Nana's Crisps

Rock N Roll Balls

As soon as I opened the package the smell of these hit me and it was divine. These came in two flavours – Apple and Cranberry. Both smelt and tasted great and the shape and size made them feel like a substantial snack. These were a firm favourite with everyone who tried them and the fact that they have no added Sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives made them even more palatable.

Apple Rock N Roll Balls
Apple Rock N Roll Balls
Cranberry Rock N Roll Balls
Cranberry Rock N Roll Balls

Raspberry Fruity Stripes

They were at an advantage with this one before I even tried them as raspberry is one of my favourite flavours. However, some companies get this so wrong and make the snack taste artificial… Calsway got it right. Phew. The raspberry taste was present without being sickly or overwhelming and the texture was pleasant. This was also one friends favourite yet another was unsure!

Raspberry Stripes
Raspberry Stripes

Tasty Nature Mix of Berries

In my opinion, these alone were very sweet and maybe not enough for a singular snack alone but they made amazing yoghurt and porridge toppers. Luckily, the packaging is resealable so I added a couple of berries to my breakfasts each day for a few weeks as an added guilt free indulgence.

Tasty Berry Mixture


Final Say…

The package I received retails at a very reasonable £24.99 working out at around £2 per snack pack – which can easily be spent buying unhealthy and unsatisfactory supermarket shops. Save your waistline and your time and get to their website to order a box.


Taste- 7/10

Texture- 7/10

Value for Money- 7/10

Choice- 7/10

Website – https://www.calsway.co.uk/


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