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Secretly Healthy Chocolate Mousse

I believe that it is fair to say that nearly everybody loves chocolate mousse. The creamy, light and fluffy texture that melts in your mouth makes it almost irresistible. The thought of it even brings back this fussy eater memories of her childhood where she would always grab one in the supermarket covered in squirty cream to enjoy with her packed lunch. However, many of us feel like we have to resist this treat due to the high fat content a typical version contains.  Even homemade versions tend to not be much healthier than shop bought.

However, my secret ingredient chocolate mousse uses avocado as the magic ingredient that gives it the perfect texture. All you need is a perfectly ripe avocado, a decent food processor and a few store cupboard ingredients and you can make this in minutes and refrigerate to serve with fresh fruit at any dinner party or for a guiltless after dinner treat. Also, this raw chocolate mousse recipe is easily adaptable to be made vegan and the recipe can be used as a healthy nutcrust pie filler.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse


2 Large Ripe Avocados

3 TBSP Honey (or agave/maple syrup)

30g Raw Cacao Powder

150ml milk of choice (cow/almond/soy etc)

A few drops of vanilla extract

Serves 4



Firstly, peel and scoop out the flesh from the avocados, place in a powerful food processor (I have tried with my nutri ninja but I feel a processor works better)

Add the cacao powder and blend again,

Add the honey and blend then slowly drizzle the milk into the mixture and keep blending

Once really smooth place in dishes and refrigerate for at least an hour


{Top Tip – Serve with dairy or coyo yoghurt and assorted berries or fruit to make a great dessert and if you have desiccated coconut , sprinkle this on top for an amazing extra flavour} <3 xx


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