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Disclosure before I start this review – I have classed this as Manchester but Rustik is actually a cafe style restaurant in Didsbury, which is just in south Manchester. I stumbled across this place a few months ago when I stopped for a coffee but after seeing some of the food that was brought out and after some serious Instagram stalking, I knew I had to pay a visit.

A bit of personal information about myself here but I am actually looking at property and attempting to become a first time home (flat) owner! My area of choice is didsbury as there are so many little independent bars and restaurants along Burton road and this brings a wonderful sense of communal atmosphere. This feeling was definitely heavily felt in Rustik, it seemed like a local meeting spot and had a sort of revolving door effect – as soon as a table was free it was snatched up by another young couple or hip group of friends. We were luckily enough to get a table of three immediately but this was around an hour before my first house viewing.

Now then, this is where we were slightly let down. Our drinks order was taken in a timely manner but as I knew we had time constraints I was eager to place our food order and as it was placed I made the server aware and asked for an ETA (estimated time of arrival). After later being informed that it would be around 10 minutes I relaxed and eagerly awaiting my Rustik Eggs Benedict (a twist on the classic- a huge slice of toasted bloomed with 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, halloumi and lemon hollondaise sauce). Unfortunately, after 40 minutes of waiting we were informed that it would be another 40 minutes, meaning that we had to leave and return a few hours later in order to not miss my viewings. The staff/management offered us a good will discount, reserved a table for our return and were extremely helpful to our situation (which to be honest, they were pretty busy and could have just let us simply walk out).

Rustik Eggs Bennies
Rustik Egg Bennies

On our returned we were greeted with a friendly welcome, a reserved table and prompt ordering (we did not change our minds as we had been looking forward to those bennies). The place was still extremely busy but with time now on our side we could enjoy our drinks whilst waiting for our belated brunch. However, when the food arrived I was instantly glad that I had given this place the second chance and returned. I was presented with a huge plate of food (actually it was more of a slate but this just adds to the hipster style vibe and I quite liked it!). Although it was a rather simple idea they got it 100% right with the taste. The bread was neither soggy nor over toasted, the eggs were poached to perfection, the mushrooms were full of flavour, the halloumi was some of the best I have ever tasted (it was genuinely grilled and not just thrown onto a griddle for two minutes and left to go tasteless, like I have experienced at many other establishments) and the lemon hollandaise just finished it off exquisitely.

After tasting the food I had completely forgotten that this was our second visit that day and was eager to return to try more options. The Turkish eggs look incredible and even the main meals sounded delicious. If you are ever in the area for any reason whatsoever I recommend going and giving this place a try – just maybe not if you have any time constraints!


Food- 8.5/10

Atmosphere- 8/10

Choice- 7/10

Service- 8/10

Website – https://www.facebook.com/RustikDidsbury/

Location – 198 Burton Rd, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 1LH

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