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Neighbourhood in Spinningfields is one of the places I have been meaning to eat at for quite a while but you know, simply just never got around to doing so. I think one of the reasons for this was that it is known mainly just for being a bar, at the end of the day and in my experience, those sort of places tend to let you down slightly on the food side of things. Well, I must say that during my first dinning visit I was defiantly pleasantly surprised and very impressed!

Lobster and burger
Lobster and burger

As we walked in we were hit straight away with the extremeley loud music and atmosphere. Although this wouldnt be somewhere you would take your parents on a Saturday night and might be a bit difficult to get to a know a first date; it was exhilarating to be in a buzzing and lively atmosphere.

One thing that I actually rather liked about this menu was the fact it had a lovely mix of “cheat meal” options and “oh that’s actually slightly healthy…”. My only gripe would be the lack of vegetarian options on the main courses (I think there may be one) but there are enough vegetarian starters and sides to create a lovely main. I was torn between the rich sounding short rib hash with crispy egg, the half lobster with fries or the halibut with orange and fennel salad. I decided since it was a Saturday night I would go all out and try the lobster. To be honest, I did expect to be slightly disappointed as I mentioned earlier. However, when the food arrived at the table, I took my first bite and was extremely impressed. Okay, so chips are chips and pretty hard to get wrong (trust me I have been to places that have managed to get them wrong) but these were a nice accompaniment to the delicious and succulent lobster. Whether it was because it was cooked so well or just covered in the most delicious garlic butter, I definitely enjoyed every single bite (then I stated regretting not getting the whole). The side salad was nicely dressed and my partners burger was equally tasty.

Unfortunately, I did not get the pleasure of trying the sushi or tasty looking desserts on this trip but after some serious Instagram stalking, I have put this quite near the top of my list of places to return to. I would definitely recommend a visit for the food alone but if you book late enough you can stay to enjoy the music/saxophone and dancing that goes on late into the night. The cocktails are delicious too! The rose and lychee has to be one of my new favourites but in the few hours we were sat there I must have seen dozens of Pornstar Martinis being created, I guess I will have an excuse to go back to try them now to see if they are as good as they look, all in the name of research of course…..



Food- 8.5/10

Atmosphere- 7/10 (would be 10 for livliness but slightly loud for alot of occassions)

Choice- 6/10 (good  but had to knock down as limited for veggies/vegans)

Service- 7/10

Website – http://www.neighbourhoodrestaurant.co.uk/

Location – The Avenue North, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3BZ

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