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GRUB Food Festivals

Since returning to Manchester after University I have really enjoyed the fact that lots of makers markets, food stalls and festivals have been popping up everywhere. These tend to showcase small, independent businesses and often provide a wide selection of cuisines that may otherwise be unavailable or even daunting for most. Occasionally, I will visit the odd chain restaurant but my first choice will always be to find independent restaurants or ones that grew so popular that they may have ended up opening a few more sites. Somewhere like GRUB Food Festivals, is the perfect place for these food stalls/vans to showcase their unique and often delicious dishes. Plus they also pair each dish/trader with recommended beers for all the beer aficionados (soft drinks, cocktails and wine available too). I have only had the pleasure of visiting once so far but see below for my review of the traders that were in attendance that week.


Honest Crust Pizza

Since adapting my healthier eating lifestyle and somewhat plant based diet I have avoiding pizza. I believe that I demonized it as greasy, carby, huge and dense. However, as an occasional treat properly made wood fired pizzas are nothing to be feared… in fact, this one was one of the most delicious I have eaten!  The base was not soggy, yet the crust was not burnt. There was a perfect cheese, tomato and pepperoni ratio and the portion size just right to ensure you feel satisfied but not educing a food coma. In my personal opinion these were my favourite trader of the day.

Website – http://www.honestcrustwoodfiredpizza.com/


Persian Kitchen

As I have mentioned in the past my partner is Persian, so I have recently been exposed to a lot of Persian cooking. Previously, myself and to be honest, most people, would have never experienced this type of food before and might actually wrongly lump it together with all Middle Eastern food. To me, Persian food is more about aroma and gentle hints of tastes, rather than strong spice and dominating flavours. Persian Kitchen demonstrated this well with their Chicken dish (we substituted the wrap for salad as we were all carb’d out on the day but they were nice enough to assist with this substitution). Although a bit meaty for me, my partner enjoyed the dish and would recommend trying it to any Persian novices. My favourite part was the delicious yogurt based topping… but I am definitely a more saucy than meaty girl…

Website https://www.facebook.com/Persian-Kitchen



Last year, Yakumama had a stall in the Kitchens in spinningfields. For those that do not know, at the time they were running a competition for the most popular trader to give them a permanent home. Yakumama since left the venture but have been popping up at different foodie events. This Latin American street food impressed me back then and has since further impressed me with their delicious offering of an “Arepa”; which incudes chicken, avocado and  aioli on homemade maize bread (yes you actually see the bread prepared in front of your eyes… dream!). This might seem like a small addition but in a restaurant world of frozen chips and pre-bought food, it is nice to know you are having traditional and homemade food. A bigger bonus was that this was also delicious! They also had an interesting  vegan option available which is great for anyone who usually feels excluded by dietary requirements.

Website – http://www.yakumama.co.uk/


Mac Daddies

Mac and Cheese… one of the most delicious and naughty combinations possible. My review on this trader will be quite lacking in volume as I only tried the Mac and Cheese balls which to be honest were not to my personal taste. However, the Mac inside them was delicious and I wished I had gone for a tub of the full thing rather than the deep fried and bread crumbed version… Maybe next time…

Website – http://mac-daddies.co.uk/


Nicely Kitchen

Whats that you say… dessert!?!? Yes sign me up of course… Wait, its vegan AND refined sugar free…. get me to the front of the queue now… Ok, so I was not quite this dramatic but I loved the fact that the dessert offering wasn’t something to feel guilty about (especially after all of the other delights). I opted for a figgy, chocolate bite which was absolutely delicious. All of the offerings looked pleasant but my only critique would be the table looked slightly empty even though they had more to sell, I presume this is for freshness but I like to see a full display. However, once you look past this and purchase one of the delights you will be hooked to try more.

Website – http://www.nicelykitchen.com/


Check out their website here to keep updated – http://www.grubmcr.com/

{It is on every Saturday and they have even invested in more blankets to keep you warm during the winter months}

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