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Pumpkin, Sage, Brown Rice Risotto

I will be honest with you, until this Halloween I had never carved a pumpkin never mind cooked one! So this year at work we decided to create a spooky pumpkin but the ever frugal me decided not to waste it and get it cooked up the same day. Therefore, my first pumpkin recipe became this vegan pumpkin, sage, brown rice risotto. Because, pumpkin soup seemed to obvious, but there is always next year to give it a go!

Pumpkin, Sage, Brown Rice Risotto


Whole Small/Medium Pumpkin – with seeds and stringy innards removed

Olive oil

1 Medium sized Brown Onion, sliced

1 Garlic Clove, crushed

1 tsbp Dried Sage

150ml White Wine

180g Uncooked Brown Rice

500ml Vegetable Stock, keeping warm in a pan on a medium heat

10g Nutritional Yeast (sub for parmesan if you arent bothered about it being vegan)

Himilayan Sea Salt and Cracked Black pepper

Serves 2 large or 3 small portions



Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius,

Place the whole pumpkin in the oven and roast for 45-60 minutes depending on the size of the pumpkin, until softening and losing its firm shape,

With about 15 minutes left add a drizzle of olive oil and the onion to a pan and cook for 10 minutes until turning translucent but not browning,

Add the crushed garlic to the pan and cook for a couple more minutes on a low heat,

In the meantime, carefully remove the skin from the pumpkin and slice up and chop into small cubes as much flesh as you can and add to the pan,

Add the sage and and white wine and turn the heat up high and cook until the wine has disappeared,

Keeping the heat medium to high, add 1 ladle of stock and keep stirring until this disappears,

Set the timer for 28 minutes from this point and keep adding the stock as the previous ladle disappears,

After the timer is up and all the stock absorbed add the nutritional yeast and seasoning and cover for 10 minutes off the heat, then serve.


{Top Tip – ┬áThis pumpkin sage brown rice risotto, can be a rather heavy meal so I would stir through lots of spinach at the end or serve with some steamed green veggies to make this even healthier!} <3 xx

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