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The Best Mediterranean Salad

I feel like I may be misleading a few of you who are reading this recipe. Yes, it is a salad but it’s no wimpy, low calorie, boring salad! This is one of the best and random salads I have ever made/eaten! Inspired by the salad making event I attended at chop’d salad bar, I wanted to recreate my vegan creation at home. The sweet potato can be substituted for basic roast sweet potato or removed all together, I just love sweet potato too much!



1 whole sweet potato, baked for 50 minutes in skin

1 small onion,

1/2 tsp cumin and paprika

1tbsp flour scattered onto plate

olive oil

60g bulgar wheat

1 roasted red pepper, finely sliced

5 sundried tomatoes, finely sliced

handful black olives, sliced

lemon juice and corriander leaf

salad leaves

Hummus (recipe here)

sweet chilli sauce mixed with lemon juice and olive oil

optional – seeds and chilli flakes to top

serves 2



Once cooked, remove the bake potato from the oven and slice in half length ways, leave to cool.

In the meantime, add the onion to the food processor and pulse until finely chopped, add the spices and scrape the sweet potato flesh from the skin and add this, pulse for a few more seconds.

Roll the mixture into balls and roll in flour (I used buckwheat but any will do) and refrigerate for an hour,

Heat a pan to a medium/high heat and add a few glugs of olive oil and the sweet potato pakoras, turning every few minutes until browning, remove and place on kitchen towel to drain oil.

Place the Bulgar wheat in a dish with enough boiling water to cover it by at least a cm and cover for 10 minutes, then stir through the lemon juice and corriander, chopped olives/peppers/tomatoes and leave to cool a few moments.

Mix the salad leaves vigorously with hummus, salt and pepper, olive oil/lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce and place into a dish – top with the bulgar wheat mixtures and finish with the sweet potato pakoras.


Top Tip – Serve with saurkraut for extra nutrients and flavour or feta to make it non vegan.

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