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Slovakia – Bratislava

“But why are you going to Bratislava.. where even is that?” – this was the question I was asked numerous times before my trip. I just responded by informing people how sometimes is nice to go to the less obvious places and explore, which is what I did and I was very surprised to find out just how health conscious this capital is. In all honestly, there were probably more healthy and raw restaurants here than in Manchester. I tried to stick mainly to healthy eating over there and below I have listed the places I was able to visit and some reviews.

Veg life

Before my visit I developed a long list of suitable dinning places through trip advisor and online blogs. The first one we managed to find was Veg Life; we had just got to the hotel, hungry and ready for some tasty non-airport food, so we went for a wander and about 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel we were able to find this lovely little buffet style restaurant.  The concept was simple – they had a weekly menu with different meals each day, you took a tray and a plate (or take away tub), which you filled with as many different options as you wanted, at the end they weighed this and decided what you will pay. My skeptical mother went for the soup but I loaded my plate up with a bit of everything on offer, we both grabbed a sugar free lemonade and I snapped up the buckwheat brownie pre-empting my desire for dessert. All of the aforementioned food totaled around 10 euros – great value! Everything was pleasant but the butternut squash dish I tried was amazing, I enjoyed the fact that you could try so many different dishes and pick if you wanted to load up with a light salad or go for lots of healthier carbs.  We returned on a later date as we did not find any suitable options at the nearby restaurant we were going to visit. I was equally impressed and loved how many office workers called by in their lunch – it was not just for the hippie health conscious! This place is far from fancy but if you want a healthy lunch I would definitely recommend (not open weekends).


Food- 6.5/10

Atmosphere- 6/10

Choice- 7/10

Service- N/A (self serve)

Website – http://www.veglife.sk/sk/

Location –Metropolka, Mickiewiczova 18, 811 07 Bratislava, Slovakia



Enjoy Coffee

A must see for travellers in Bratislava is St Micheal’s gate in the old town, however what usually follows tourist areas are tourist restaurants. Therefore, I was skeptical to go off plan and try this place but after popping in for a raw poppy seed cheesecake and elder-flower lemonade I decided it was worth trying for dinner one day. It was one of the few healthy places open weekend and although it felt more like a cafe, I decided to go for the vegetarian burger on wholemeal bun. It was amazing! One of the best veggie burgers I had eaten – whether this was because I was so hungry I was just ravenous or because it was actually delicious, I don’t fully know but I followed it with some healthy pancakes (eggs, banana, apple etc) which were a bit unusual but tasty non the less! I wish I hadn’t paid for breakfast in the hotel and just visited here everyday – I would definitely recommend this idea. I finished my two course meal with a cacao, almond milk and coconut sugar hot chocolate which was very satisfying. Its not all healthy and they do have some naughty treats too so anyone can enjoy.


Food- 8/10

Atmosphere- 8/10

Choice- 5/10

Service- 6/10

Website – http://www.enjoycoffee.sk/sk/

Location – Michalská 3, 811 02 Bratislava-Staré Mesto, Slovakia


U kubistu

As we wandered around the old town in search of the beautiful ‘blue church’ we were able to find this restaurant, that had been rated quite highly on trip advisor, just around the corner. We called in one day for lemonade and returned that evening for a light dinner. I went for the white bean and rocket hummus with delicious chickpea socca bread whilst the mother had the vegetable soup. Although not the most adventurous order. the other salads and dishes all sounded delicious and this was nice for a light dinner or lunch stop off. I would definitely recommend and this was not the cheapest option but the price was reasonable.


Food- 7/10

Atmosphere- 8/10

Choice- 6/10

Service- 7/10

Website – http://www.ukubistu.sk/

Location – Grösslingová 2524/26, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia



Soupa Bistro

Judging by the pictures you can tell this is not a gourmet restaurant, similar to Veg life but you paid per item rather than weight. However, this was my mothers favourite eatery of the whole trip! We had a vegetable patty each and shared some couscous with vegetables, yogurt and fruit dips and the creamiest potato and carrot mash. Although visually underwhelming the food was delicious and I finished this off with a beautiful cake from the lovely selection near the door. Unfortunately, this was shut on weekends but if you get chance in the week please check it out.

imageFood- 7/10

Atmosphere- 6/10

Choice- 6/10

Service- 6/10

Website – http://www.soupa.sk/

Location – Kozia 602/11, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia



Very similar to the previously mentioned Veg Life, these two places share a similar concept – you pick what you want and pay by weight. I only had chance to try the raw vegan cheesecakes here but they were pleasant and although not as well executed as Veg Life, I would recommend this to anyone wanting a healthy, quick lunch option.

Food- 5/10

Atmosphere- 5/10

Choice- 5/10

Service- N.A

Website https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g274924-d4770085-Reviews-Veggie-Bratislava_Bratislava_Region.html

Location – Obchodná 594/66, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

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