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Austria – Vienna

Now bear with me with this one, I only had a day in Vienna during my travels and I was quite ill but I soldiered through to find at least one healthy place to add to my list of recommendations. Therefore, this is a work in progress but I had to share this amazing cafe I visited.

Simply Raw Bakery

During my visit to Bratislava I took a train for a day trip to Vienna, feeling rather ill and in the sweltering heat we wandered around looking for a raw bakery using an incorrect trip advisor map – luckily a local shop owner pointed me in the right direction and on a side street; nicely shaded we found the cutest little raw bakery. Although I had already eaten breakfast I was dying to try my first Acai bowl, so I ordered that from the all day breakfast menu. Although I did not have any thing to compare to, I knew that this bowl of Acai smoothie; topped with homemade granola and seasonal fruits, was delicious! Undeterred by illness I polished it all off and headed inside to pick some raw treats – the staff were more than helpful, especially with the slight language barrier (luckily, one girl had schooled in the UK so that made it much easier). I picked a raw vegan cupcake and cookie- although not the best I have ever tasted they were flavorsome and the selection was great. Definitely, check this place out if you are looking for a healthy breakfast/lunch/snack in Vienna. If you want raw savoury food they also had an extensive menu which I will definitely be checking out on my return.


Food- 7/10

Atmosphere- 7/10

Choice- 6/10

Service- 8/10

Website – http://www.simplyrawbakery.at/

Location – Drahtgasse 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

Vienna Naschmarkt 

As a side note I must mention the market that we strolled through during our visit to Vienna, it appeared almost like a cartoon backdrop – the same few stalls repeating every few meters but all as vibrant and enchanting as the next – I was offered many samples of falafel and olives (I must say these were some of the best I have ever tried) and so much dried fruit! I purchased my edible roses here for aesthetic food topping but this left me rather disgruntled that I can not get these as easily in Manchester. If you have time I unquestionably recommend that you check this place out!

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