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Caramel Banana ‘Nice’ Cream

Okay so I must admit I am still a bit of a fussy eater as I still cannot just peel open a banana and eat it (don’t even get me started on cucumber) but I try and find ways to make foods I am not especially keen on, so delicious that I can eat them regardless. Banana nice cream is a great example; it’s tasty and a healthy vegan alternative to fatty ice cream. This caramel version is just beautiful and such a tasty snack or dessert.



4 frozen bananas

1 large medjoul date

tsp almond butter

date syrup

Serves 2-4 portions



its as easy as blending the banana, date and almond butter until smooth – top with date syrup and any other toppings of your choice – I love crushed pecans on mine for an extra caramelly flavour


<3 xx


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