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Healthy Cacao Hazelnut Spread

I LOVE the taste of Nutella- however, I hate how much sugar they add! Cacao and hazelnuts are delicious enough they only need some maple syrup and nut milk to turn them into a delicious spread that is less sickly than nutella and FAR more nutritious!



125g Hazelnuts

18g Raw Cacao Powder

50g Maple Syrup

Vanilla Extract

90ml Unsweetened Nut Milk



roast hazelnuts for 10 minutes then put in some Tupperware to shake the skins off (be vigorous!)

place skinless roasted hazelnuts in the food processor and blend till fine,

then add raw cacao powder, maple syrup or agave and a few drops of vanilla extract

Keep blending and slowly add unsweetened nut milk of choice

once smooth, spoon into a mason jar and keep in the fridge for up to 10 days –

110 calories per 25g appprox


Serve with toast and banana (or try sweet potato toasts), with healthy banana bread (recipes here – https://thefussyfeeder.wordpress.com/2016/08/03/healthy-pecan-banana-bread/ ) or with anything you fancy! I love to stir some into porridge as a treat.


<3 xx

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