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Cacao and ginger raw cheesecake

I must admit I have a sweet tooth… Chocolate, cake, biscuits etc are all my weaknesses but I find typical ones taste too fatty and sweet now and cause me to over eat and feel guilty. I was inspired by the wild food cafe in Neal yard in London to start making healthy raw desserts (that can easily be made vegan) again… My first attempt turned out so tasty I had to share the recipe! Guilt free raw cacao and ginger cheesecake.. Enjoy!



For the base –

100g almonds

30g pecans

100g medjoul dates pitted

For the filling

2 ripe avocados

70g extra Virgin coconut oil (slightly melted)

80g raw cacao

80g honey (or maple/date syrup to keep it vegan)

1/3tsp ground ginger

vanilla bean extract


goji berries with pistachio, or coconut, or flaked almonds with whole almonds, or cacao nibs, and date syrup.




Starting with the base – Blend the almonds, pecans and dates until a breadcrumb texture, I lined a baking tray with cling film and placed circular moulds but you can use a cake tin with a push out bottom/clip able side – push the filling down and add enough so you have a 1cm thick base approx and freeze.

Blend the peeled avocados, coconut oil, cacao for a few minutes then add the honey/sweetener, vanilla and ginger and blend till smooth,

remove the bases from the freezer add the filling and freeze for another couple hours – before serving remove from the freezer for an hour and top with any of the topping combinations above and enjoy !


<3 xx

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