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Sweet Potato and Carrot Fritters with Healthy Fats

Does eating fat make you fat?? This is one question that has been deliberated on for years… People used to be scared of fats thinking they would hinder their weight loss but research shows that ‘low-fat’ products are often much higher in sugar and are no better for you. High fat foods such as avocados, nuts/seeds and egg yolks should be added to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Saturated fats such as those from fast and refined foods should be avoided and replaced with these healthier alternatives.

I try to switch up my savoury breakfasts to stop them from becoming boring or unhealthy. Also, I endeavour to not to eat too much bread so these pan fried fritters give you the post work out carbs needed for energy recovery or make up part of a nutritious and long lasting breakfast.


Vegan sweet potato/carrot fritters


1 small grated sweet potato

1 medium grated carrot

1/2 grated brown onion

Pinch sea salt

1tsp chia seeds mixed with 4tsp water and left for 15 minutes

2tsp buckwheat flour

1/2tsp coconut oil

serves 1



Mix together the grated vegetables and add the salt and leave for 10 mins

Using kitchen towel squeeze as much liquid from the vegetables as possible and add the chia seed mix and buckwheat flour and mix with your hands and form into two round patties

heat the coconut oil and add the fritters, fry for 5 minutes each side (adding more coconut oil if they start to stick)



Serve with crispy kale, sliced avocado, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil fried or poached egg, grilled halloumi, salami (you can mix and match but these are all the good high fat foods that lift the flavour of these fritters – obviously all the things listed above are not vegan so pick and choose toppings to suit your lifestyle)


top tip

{these can also be made with egg instead of chia seed, just use one egg in their place but this would mean they are no longer vegan}




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