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Protein French Toast

Mmmmm Protein French toast…. I don’t tend to eat much bread so this breakfast really is a treat for me but by using a wholewheat seeded bread, protein powder, good quality eggs and coconut oil this treat can be made into a great post workout breakfast- served with a sugar free raspberry coulis and berries to help kick you off on your 5 a day.




2 sliced of wholewheat seeded bread

2 free range eggs

1/4 scoop vanilla protein powder (can be omitted)

50ml skimmed milk (or more or less depending if you use the protein)

few drops vanilla extract

Coconut oil for frying

Serves 1



Slice the bread in half diagonally

Mix the eggs, protein (if using), milk, vanilla and soak the bread for a few minutes, turning to make sure it’s all covered

heat a frying pan or skillet till hot and add the coconut oil

places the first two triangles in the hot oil, cook for a few minutes then flip and cook for a few minutes more, place on a plate and repeat the procedure with the next two triangles

whilst these are cooking blend a big handful of raspberries with a bit of stevia

serve the French toast with the coulis and berries of choice (I like a cheeky bit of maple syrup too)



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